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Financial planning provides security by taking care of all aspects of your finances, including setting financial goals, budgeting and cash flow, debt management, insurance coverage, retirement savings and more.

If you are looking for expert financial planning advice to secure your future, CI Assante Wealth Management provides financial planning services to assist you in achieving your financial goals confidently. We have decades of experience providing professional financial advise top help you make informed financial decisions, from budgeting and cash flow to retirement savings and estate planning.

Assante financial planning advisors are dedicated to providing trusted partnerships to our clients to help them face the challenges that may come along the way in life.

Our commitment to providing highly skilled experts along with advanced financial planning tools and calculators makes us unique among our contemporaries.

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Understanding Financial Planning

The experts have classified financial planning into four distinct yet interdependent pillars. These pillars of financial planning help experts design successful financial plans while keeping clients’ needs, goals, and dreams in mind. These pillars are -

Managing cash flow and financial resources- The critical aspect of financial planning is to take stock of emergency funds, insurance coverage (such as Long-Term Disability and Life Insurance), estate planning, and ensure to meet the set goals.

Accumulating wealth- This second pillar enables people to extend their expectations beyond reviewing investment portfolios and integrating saving for specific purposes or projects such as purchasing a home or vacation home, planning for current or future education expenses and managing debt.

Income tax management- This aspect of financial planning emphasizes considering tax implications when making recommendations by coordinating with your tax preparer to make the tax-prep experience smooth and stress-free.

Planning for retirement- Retirement planning requires planning for adequate income from government, private, and personal sources for providing the inevitable cost of health and long-term care in coordination with your estate plan and managing pension distribution.

Our advisers at Assante carefully design a financial plan by keeping the financial needs of individuals and lifestyles in mind. Reach our local branch or expert advisor for professional guidance and financial planning in North Bay.


Comprehensive Financial Planning Services and Tools

Financial planning isn’t following a savings plan and then waiting to achieve your goals but a process of setting goals and laying out a blueprint for saving and investing to start a longer financial journey. Comprehensive, long-term financial planning is required to face financial circumstances and challenges to realize all goals and enjoy financial security in present and future.

There are a few essential steps to follow in financial planning, including

Determining short- and long-term financial goals- Financial planning involves sound preliminary goals to help in your saving strategy, such as saving for college, purchasing a car, or buying a home.

Auditing current income, savings, and long-term savings and investing plan- Next comes assessing your ability to reach them based on available cash flow that includes earnings, saving, budgeting and also tracking your spending. Assante Wealth Management provides a cash flow calculator to track your household income and expenses.

The long-term goal of building up retirement income focuses on achieving monthly savings and investment targets and current financial stability to handle emergency funds or outstanding high-interest debts.

Addressing shortfalls and adjusting goals- Attaining goals is not smooth and needs adjustments like facing a shortfall like delaying a house purchase or scaling back your monthly spending and taking on a second job to help you reach those long-term goals. Budget planning plays a crucial role in financial planning.

A flexible financial plan- A sound financial plan is flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen expenses to new financial goals and reallocate your savings and investments to account for cropped-up financial needs.

A comprehensive financial plan is a solid plan that will track the monthly progress of planned benchmarks and long-term goals. It also includes mapping out timelines for reaching goals for wealth accumulation.

Assante provides tools and calculators for financial planning in North Bay to help the success of a plan by estimating benchmarks and long-term goals, like funding retirement savings based on target retirement age.

Besides tracking progress on a monthly and annual basis, investment earnings, interests and dividends match the pace to meet or beat the projected timeline.

Sometimes the goals change, or new challenges make it difficult to meet the goals as per the existing financial plan. Financial planning can always be affected by a loss of income, a big promotion, new additions to your family, failed investments, medical emergencies or disabilities and so on. A flexible and sound financial plan can accommodate changing circumstances and priorities of increased saving and investing power and accelerate the progress toward savings goals.


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